Books and Videos

Families In Crisis
The Impact of Family Preservation Services

  • Two-year outcome evaluation of intensive home-based family preservation services in Washington and Utah.
  • Implications for clinical practice and program design.
Keeping Families Together

  • An overview of HOMEBUILDERS' innovative approach to crisis intervention.
  • Stages of an intervention.
  • Various organizational features including staffing issues and program evaluation.
Reaching High Risk Families
Intensive Family Preservation in Human Services

  • Critical features of the HOMEBUILDERS program.
  • Implications for family-centered curricula in areas such as policy, direct practice, program management, and practice research.
Skills for Family and Community Living
(with Leader Guide)

  • Scenes demonstrating both typical problems and appropriate skills for handling these situations provide the basis for discussion, role-play, and behavior modeling.
  • Additional Leader Guides available.