Current and past training clients include:
Public Social Services and Child Welfare Agencies:
Alabama Department of Human Resources
Baltimore County (Maryland) Social Services
City of Chesapeake, Virginia
Connecticut Department of Social Services
Cook County (Illinois) Division of Children and Family Services
District of Columbia Children and Family Services
Florida Department of Human Resources
Hawaii Department of Human Resources
Hennepin County (Minnesota) Department of Social Services
Idaho Department of Human Services
Illinois Division of Children and Family Services
Iowa Department of Social Services
Kentucky Cabinet for Children and Families
Louisiana Department of Social Services
Michigan Department of Social Services/Family Independence Agency
Missouri Department of Social Services
New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services
New Mexico Department of Social Services
New York State Department of Social Services
New York City Child Welfare Administration
Nevada Department of Social Services
Oregon Children's Services Division
Prince George County (Maryland) Social Services
Puerto Rico Administration for Children and Families
South Carolina Department of Social Services
Tennessee Department of Social Services
Utah Department of Social Services
Washington State Division of Children and Family Services

Public Mental Health Agencies:
Colorado Department of Mental Health
Missouri Department of Mental Health
Monterey County (California) Mental Health
New York State Office of Mental Health
North Carolina Department of Mental Health
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health
San Mateo County (California) Mental Health
Virginia Department of Mental Health
Ventura County (California) Mental Health

Other Public and Private Organizations:
Canterberry Family Centre, Australia
Caritas International
Familien Aktivierungs Management (GISA), Germany
Family and Children's Services, Australia
Gabinete de Alto-Comissário para o Projecto Vida, Portugal
Klingberg Family Centers
Marymead Child and Family Centre, Australia
Ministry of Social Services, Canada
Mississippi Department of Education
National Family Preservation Network
New York Division of Juvenile Justice
Nederlands Institut voor Zorg en Welzijn (NIZW), The Netherlands
Pacific Legal Education Associations, Canada
Pennsylvania Family Preservation Network
Pressley Ridge Schools (Maryland and Pennsylvania)
Project Crisishulp aan Huis, Belgium
Rutgers University
Surrey Family Preservation Program, Canada
University of Washington
Washington State Division of Developmental Disabilities
Winnipeg Child and Family Services, Canada
Hundreds of private child welfare and mental health organizations across the United States